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Last updated: January 22, 2010

"The most on-the-money reviews...
Good for you for looking deeper."

--Ben Affleck

"I'm really thankful for your reviews all year long.
They're witty, well-written, and insightful.
I think you are one of the better,
if not the best, critic on the 'Net."

--Academy Award®-winning screenwriter/director Roger Avary

"You're good at your job."
--Stuart Blumberg, writer of Keeping the Faith

"I think you're a great talent just waiting to be discovered!"
--Ato Boldon, NBC Sports analyst and
silver medalist in track and field
in the 2000 Summer Olympics

(sign reads: "Mr. Brown's Movie Site rules!")

"I appreciate the props from someone who CONSTANTLY listens to scores!"
--composer/music producer BT (Brian Transeau)

"Your reviews show obvious promise as a writer and thinker about film."
--director Wes Craven

"I always enjoy your reviews. Good stuff!"
--Terry Crews

"You are my favorite!"
--Josh Duhamel

"I always appreciate a smart review.
A lot of thought went into the Mr. Brown review [of
so I respect his opinion."

--Jon Favreau

"That was a GREAT review!"
--Stephen Gaghan, Academy Award®-winning screenwriter of Traffic

"You have a nice style. Personal, honest and intelligent
without being pretentious or distanced.
You also seem to really like movies, something that seems
shockingly lacking in many of today's film critics."

--Keith Gordon, director of Waking the Dead, among others

"Love your spot-on reviews!"
--Anthony Mackie

"The only movie review I read regularly!"
--Academy Award®-winning screenwriter/director Alexander Payne

"Stumbled across your site and enjoyed the hell out of it.
You may be the only decent review I ever got for
The Crush!
Congrats on a terrific site."

--screenwriter-director Alan Shapiro

"Nice review... It's always nice to hear good things."
--Bryan Singer

"I only read your reviews and Roger Ebert's.
No one else's."

--Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter-director John Singleton

"I dug both your Spirits coverage and Oscar® coverage.
The stuff had a real you-are-there feel to it. Kudos.
Your stuff is always well-written."

--screenwriter-director Kevin Smith

"I agree with your insight."
--screenwriter-director Kevin Williamson, on his Teaching Mrs. Tingle

"The lair of fellow OFCS member Michael Dequina, Mr. Brown's Movie Site
isn't just another place to find movie reviews. Dequina has organized his
site in a pleasant and inviting way. The centerpiece is his weekly
, which makes for entertaining, informative, and reasonably
comprehensive reading. Dequina lives and works out of the L.A. area, and this is
one of the few sites from that part of the world that isn't clogged with hype.
The reviews are clear, concise, and often hard-hitting."

--James Berardinelli, ReelViews

"Young Michael Dequina is obviously resourceful enough
that he's going to be around a long while."

--David Poland, Movie City News

"You're a splendid writer."
--Mark Ramsey, MovieJuice!

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